Meme-terview with M.B. Feeney

Thank you so much for agreeing to do this interview!

Tell us about what you are working on.  What is the basic concept?  What was your inspiration for your characters?  Someone you know?  Someone you wish you knew?  When is it expected?


The book I’m currently working on (I just finished the 1st draft – yay me) is called The One That Got Away, and is about the one person who you let slip through your fingers back in the day. Heidi and Shane, my main characters, are a mashup of a few people I knew once upon a time, alongwith who I wish I could be sometimes.

I’m hoping it’ll be ready for release within a couple of months.

Who was most influential in your writing career?


I don’t think I can pin it down to just one person. I’ve been writing for so long, but it has only really been the last three years that I ever thought it could be something. . . people would want to read. I have a huge support system of people who regularly talk me off the edge when needed, and I wouldn’t be who I am without them.

If you could have a night out with one of your characters, which one would you choose and why?


From my current work, it would have to be Shane because he would not only be great arm candy ;) but also he’s a complete sweetheart.

What is your favorite line from your WIP? (or book you’ve just put out)


“Shane Hughes gave the impression that he was the perfect date, almost the perfect guy, but there was a glint in his eye every time we were together that hinted at more. He wasn’t a ‘bad boy’ by any means of the word, but there was a naughtiness to him and I fell hard and fast.” – not the funniest or anything, but says a lot about Shane and the book on the whole

What is the strangest or most embarrassing thing you have ever typed into your Google search bar?


“How to make a glory hole” – purely for research reasons naturally.  In a story I started once, and have since scrapped, a group of teenage boys get into a ridiculous game of truth or dare, and one of them has to make a glory hole… yeah, it got scrapped, but I may recycle the idea.
When you write, what are the ‘must do’ ‘must have’ and weird tics you find yourself doing time and time again.


I can’t write in total silence – which is a near impossibility in my house – I usually have either music playing, or I’m watching Netflix on my kindle fire ☺ I don’t have any weird or wonderful rituals or must have snacks, but I have to have a pen and a notebook on the desk next to me to help stave off writer’s block.


Do you flip back and forth between social media and your manuscript too much, like I do?


*closes FB tab* not at all…


How many times a day do you say the following?

What I wrote was just awesome. – uhm… rarely

Wait, it actually sucks. – almost always

Why am I doing this? – regularly

I should quit. – hourly (Maybe not quite that often)

…No, wait. That paragraph was amazing. – maybe a sentence…

I should have someone else read it just to be sure. – always. I’m always copying and pasting sections into chat boxes or emails with a caplocked “does this make sense?”


Lastly, we all have things we do outside of writing. What is one thing that you do as a pastime or passion that no one is privy to?


Uhm… that no one is privy to? Well, not so hidden is my love and enjoyment of photography (I actually have a Facebook page), but something people don’t know… wow, I didn’t expect this one to be the hard question. I don’t think there is anything people don’t particularly not know about me in that way. I guess, I love sitting in my living room, in the dark, once everyone has gone to bed and read on my Kindle with music on low in the background.

Please respond only using memes:


“Oh, you wrote a book? Huh. I should write a book. That sounds easy enough.”




Which may or may not be followed by


“I always wanted to write a memoir. Want to write it? You should write it. I’m interesting and hilarious.”



“Oh, I’ve never actually read one of your books.  I only read real literature.”




“I read a book like yours one time. Have you read this book that’s exactly like yours? It’s really good.”




Thank you for being such a good sport! I can’t wait to read your book about the glory hole. I’m beyond intrigued.


Find M.B. on Facebook and tell her you want to read that one, too ;) 


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