Book Q&A with Me, The Writer of Those Books

Last week I asked people to send me their burning (or not so burning) questions about any of my books. A few people responded so I am answering your lovely inquiries below:


  1. Where does the inspiration for the lyrics in Beatless and Maybe come from? And do you write songs as well as books? if you do, will you sing one to me?


Both Beatless and Maybe have original lyrics in them due to the musical nature of the books. The inspiration for them is mainly based on what the character is feeling at the time. Funny enough, both books contain lyrics written from a male POV and when I sit back and think about it, I figure it’s because guys aren’t as forthcoming with their feelings as girls are. So writing it down in lyrics seemed like the obvious answer to that communication gap.


I don’t write songs, hough I’ve been asked to. I have a problem getting to the bridge. So I guess that blows my chances of serenading you?


2.  What’s your favorite line on any of your books?


Oh, man. My favorite line of any of my books is not suitable for a younger audience. It’s from FAP and it involves Shakespeare…


In Where We Fell my favorite line was probably, “I swear the peanut butter pie is made by angels and kissed by Jesus before it’s plated.”


For Beatless it is probably, “Eventually everything changes,” Sam said softly, running her hand through my hair. “Complacency is for the weak.”


For Puddle Jumping it’s, ‘Plans change. Life changes. And as an after effect, love changes, too. ‘


Eight Days a Week? “Okay. No joke, there is a talking, dancing, bright red, studded dildo on the screen.”


And for Maybe it’s, ‘I used the Sharpie from her nightstand and drew a quarter rest on her shoulder. To remind myself to pause.’


3. Do you have a writing regimen? Something you do to maintain focus & ensure productivity while you write?


90% of the time I have to have music on. I can’t handle the television or any other noise in the house. It’s challenging to have Lil E running around and being the needy 5 year old that he is. Given the fact that I work 9 hours a day and only see him for about 2 hours after work, I try to write on the weekends or after he goes to bed. But that doesn’t always happen. The thing that helps me focus is having the story outlined in a  notebook so I can concentrate on following the plot and filling in the blanks.


4. Will Decoy ever be reworked and published? 


Wouldn’t that be something? I’m not sure of the legal ramifications of rewriting an 80’s movie and if I’d get sued, so most likely I’d have to tweak it and put it up for free. Which, of course, I’ve never had a problem with before.


5. Will you ever write more to Lilly and Colton’s story?


The original version had more words, but it went through a pretty big edit. I can’t quite remember how much was cut. I do know that I had to tone a lot of their physical interactions down because it made people uncomfortable. I don’t have any plans to extend their story at this time, though I did write an alternate ending with them in the future that a publishing house asked me to remove because they didn’t like it.




I will say this, for those who want to know…


Colton and Lilly were married in a quiet ceremony with only their closest friends and family. They tried several times to get pregnant and the last one was difficult, but they had a healthy baby boy. Colton is a wonderful father and he and their son have a special bond in creating art. Their son does not have Aspergers, but he is on the spectrum and because of Lilly’s work with kids and her love story with Colton, they’re both more than prepared to do what they need to do as parents. Just like Sheila did all those years ago.


6. What is your favorite scene in Puddle Jumping?


My favorite scene off the bat would have to be the mattress surfing. But if we’re going deeper then I’d have to say my favorite scene is the first kiss at Homecoming. His pink cheeks get me every time.

7. What music do you listen to while writing? What are the playlist for each book?


For almost four years now I have only been able to listen to the same two albums by Angels and Airwaves. Over and over on repeat. Recently I have been able to write with the Magic! album and the Shawn Mendes EP. It’s been a nice change of pace.


Where We Fell Playlist:


1. Wait for Me by Kings of Leon.

2. Shine Right Through Me – Correatown

3. Out on the Town – fun.

4. This is What it Feels Like – Armin Van Buuren

5. Love like Rockets – Angels and Airwaves

6. Beautiful Goodbye – Maroon 5

7. Grand Theft Autumn – Fall Out Boy

8. Fast and Slow – All American Rejects


Beatless Playlist:

1. Incomplete- Switchfoot

2. The Queen and I – Gym Class Heroes

3. Love Somebody – Maroon 5

4. Stay the Night – Zedd

5. Collar Full – Panic! at the Disco

6. Miss Missing You – Fall Out Boy

7. I Lived – OneRepublic

8. Adel/Eurythmics mashup – Rolling in Sweet Dreams

9. Ellie Goulding/ Eminem mashup  – Love the Way You Burn

10. Imagine Dragons/ Coldplay mashup – Radioactive Paradise

11. Lorde/ Katy Perry mashup – Royals vs. Roar

Bonus track: Ke$ha/ Beatles mashup – Tik Tok Together

(mashups can be found on Youtube)


Puddle Jumping only has one song:


1. Ten Feet Tall by Afrojack


Bonus: Here is something about Puddle Jumping that I have yet to see anyone comment on or bring up. Lilly’s scar on her arm, in the shape of tree branches, was given to her because it made her body a living piece of art.



Also, her middle name is Grace because that’s just ironic. 


Thank you to everyone that asked questions. This was fun!






  1. Mariana Figueredo says

    This happens when 1-you are left without internet for a week, and 2-live on the other side of the word. I missed my opportunity to ask you something :( But some questions I had have been answered already. I’m soooooo happy to read that Lilly and Colton got marry, I needed to know that. I just came to love their story so much, it is a pity we cannot read that altertate ending or the tons of their physical interactions. Would you give me the number of the publishing house? I have some things to tell them…kidding! Thanks for letting us readers know more about your books. Hope you can always write and make this world better :)

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