Gif-terview with Future Best-Selling Author Stephanie D. Alexander


You’ve agreed to do an interview using gifs…




A: First…







A: So you wrote a book, huh? Wanna tell me about it? 




OKAY!!! Ready??


So there’s this big party. And this guy…

gets one look at this girl and he’s all like…



But he finds out she’s going to die and he’s like…


And then…

So they try to be friends, but you know how that usually works out…


Then they get into a big ass fight and he’s all…

But he has this huge epiphany …

So they make up…

Then there’s lots of:


But then there’s an enormous plot twist…

And that’s all I can tell you.

I will say there’s absolutely none of this



But the gif is really hot…so, you’re welcome.

Q: Are you working on anything new?


S: About 5 different things, thanks for asking. More ansgty coming of age YA and one angsty, very sexy NA. 


A: You’ve been querying agents like whoa. How do you feel about the process?


S: The word alone makes me shudder. Like this.

Sometimes its like this because agents can be harsh and they use form letters that are impersonal and condescending. 

Sometimes it’s like… Why am I doing this again??

But then there’s a request to see the manuscript and I’m like… MEEE?!?!?



A:  How many times a day do you say the following? 

What I wrote was just awesome. 3

Wait, it actually sucks. 37

Why am I doing this? 144

I should quit. 3,473

…No, wait. That paragraph was amazing. Never. Okay, rarely.

I should have someone else read it just to be sure. 56,583,489



LIGHTNING ROUND: Use only gifs to respond to the following questions


“Oh, you wrote a book? Huh. I should write a book. That sounds easy enough.”


“I’ve never actually read one of your books.  I only read real literature.”




“I read a book like yours one time. Have you read this book that’s exactly like yours? It’s really good.”




“_____ is NOT like Twilight. You don’t know what you’re talking about…”


Do you answer with…?


S: It’s more like



Thank you for stopping by. For gif’ing me to death. And for having a good sense of humor about the entire thing.

PS – I’m kinda pissed I don’t know about this steamy NA.  But whatever…


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An Interview with Alec Frazier of Autistic Reality

Autistic Reality logo LOW RES (4)

Autistic Reality logo LOW RES (4) 


Alec, thanks so much for agreeing to do this interview with me. I’ll try not to use too many exclamation points and taaaaaaalk liiiiiiiiiike thiiiiiiiiis!!!! 


Ha ha! Okay! Let’s go!


You and I met through our mutual love of exploding panties then formed a bond over fat guys with axes in the original version of Puddle Jumping. And now you’ve given the final product an endorsement by your firm, Autistic Reality  -that’s a huge deal for me, so thank you. 


First question: What drove you to start your advocacy and public relations firm?


I have been involved in advocacy of one form or another since third grade. When I was in eighth grade, I helped get a constitutional amendment passed in Colorado increasing the amount of funding for education, including education of people with disabilities. As I became more involved with politics, I realized that I was very much excited about bringing real policy changed the table. In 2011, I was an intern for the American Association of People with Disabilities. During that time, myself and a few others spoke to Sen. Chuck Schumer’s staff about establishing a government agency to work with the independent living movement. The very next day, the senator introduced the bill to do that. The bill was passed into law. In learning that, I was learning that I had the power, and that everybody has the power, to change this world for the better. Everyone reading this interview has that power!


What do you feel has been your greatest accomplishment with AR so far?


Since Autistic Reality is a reasonably recent endeavor, I only have a few options to choose from. By far, the most rewarding thing I have so far is give a keynote address to over 100 people in Auburn New York. It was tremendous to get such wonderful feedback from my speech!


What do you look forward to doing in the future?


Autistic Reality is very much looking forward to more photography opportunities, more public speaking opportunities, and whatever comes our way. For example, we just got a request from the people we gave her keynote address for to speak at their staff training day. We are very excited to do so! It should be noted that Autistic Reality does way more than just disability advocacy. We also do photography, event management, social networking, public speaking, and lobbying. For a full overview of our services, you can find us online at


You may also find us on Facebook at


Finally, we have written a pamphlet on the first autistic superhero, and you may find out more about it at



And lastly, you and I had many conversations over the phone, Facebook and email about Puddle Jumping. You were one of the people who pushed me the hardest to get this book to print (which I am so grateful for). I appreciate that your blog endorsement of the book states that the Spectrum is so wide that no two people are the same and that Autism does not define a person. You helped me immensely with keeping my eyes and mind open to a lot of things that I have and have not experienced yet. What made you want to give your stamp of approval on the book?


The answer is threefold. First of all, by giving my stamp of approval on the book, it shows that you have the approval of someone who has actually gone through many of the same things that Colton has. Secondly, it helps promote my brand with many people who may otherwise not hear about it. Finally, you had received harsh criticism from a number of bullies who said that you did not make a realistic depiction of autism in your book. I hate bullies, and I want to make it clear that your depiction of autism is actually quite accurate. For more on that, see my blog posting at


Bonus lightning round questions (Tell Lilly to get off the slide!)



Favorite song on the radio right now?


Tacky, by Weird Al Yankovic. I never really got into Happy, but Weird Al’s parody is right up my alley!


Amber: Oddly enough, this video made me happier than the Happy video. Huh.

Robert Pattinson or Logan Lerman?


While I really love what you have was Logan’s image [ for Colton in Puddle Jumping ], Robert Pattinson is the hottest guy I can ever imagine!

Robert Pattinson Arrives at The MoMa's Premiere of 'Cosmopolis'

Amber: I’ll accept this answer. *shifts on chair and pretends she only had this picture on file for this specific blog*

Favorite food you’re not supposed to have but you eat it anyway because you are a REBEL?


I really love having a rack of ribs! Yet since my stroke, I’ve only had them once because they are very bad for my blood pressure.

 Amber: I’m not going to post a picture of meat here. It would be cruel to BOTH of us.  :/

Wombats or manatees?


Most definitely wombats! They are my totem animal, the animal that embodies me the best!


Amber: My spirit animal is Grumpy Cat. Tardar is going to lead me through the Heavenly Gates one day and she’ll say, “Eh. It’s alright. If you like this kind of thing.”


And the most important question of all: 


Nikki Minaj or Iggy Azalea?


I absolutely hate Nikki Minaj, and have no clue who Iggy Azalea is! So by a process of exclusion, I am going to have to choose Iggy Azalea.


Amber: This is the only acceptable answer. 

*Thanks so much to Alec for answering my silly questions. Click the links above and give his pages a like or leave a comment on his blog posts.*

Puddle Jumping Release

Today is the day that Lilly and Colton are shared with the world. Er…maybe a few people in the world. Anyway, here are the links and the beautiful cover, synopsis, etc etc. Thank you to everyone who made this possible. My heart is eternally grateful <3



We are so excited to be able to announce the arrival of the newest book by Amber L. Johnson, PUDDLE JUMPING.  It is available in both e-book and paperback.

When it comes to love there’s no such thing as conventional.

Everyone thinks Colton Neely is special.

Lilly Evans just thinks he’s fascinating.

Once friends when they were younger, their bond is cut short due to her accident prone nature and they go their separate ways. Years later, they meet again and Lilly learns that there is something special about the boy she once knew, but she has no idea what it all means. And she’s not sure if she’s ready to find out.

When he walks through the corridor of her school the first day of her senior year, she knows that it’s time to get to know the real Colton Neely. The more she learns, the deeper she falls.

Their friendship grows into love, even as Colton does not express it in words. But one decision threatens to break down the world that Lilly has tried so hard to integrate into and she must figure out if the relationship can survive if they are apart.

Amber is a full  time mom, full time wife, is employed full time, and writes when she can. She believes  in Happily Ever Afters that occur every day – despite the obstacles that real life serves up on a regular basis. Or perhaps they’re sweeter simply because of them. She always has 2 rubber bands on her wrist, a song in her head, and too much creamer in her coffee cup that reads ‘Cocoa’ – because she’s a rebel. If she’s not at her desk, with her boys, or behind the computer, she’s supporting live music with her arms raised above her head and eyes closed, waiting for the drop.

Amber’s musical suggestion for this book is Ten Feel Tall by Afrojack (ft. Wrabel)

Hey, what are you publishing next? EVERYTHING.


Look at all of these books I’m throwing at your face. 


Look at them.

I’m not scared. (I’m also a compulsive liar.)


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The Blog-Diggity Beatless Blog Tour




I cannot express my gratitude enough to the following people who made the Beatless Blog Tour such a success.

Jennifer at Babu’s Bookshelf took on the enormous task of gathering enough people that would be interested in my book to participate. She was also super kind when I emailed her freaking out about pretty much anything because I am a noob.  Check out her awesome website here.

Blog Tour Dates and links:


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Babu’s Bookshelf


Thank you all for taking the time to help with the blog tour!








Beatless Teaser #4 – Meet Aunt Sam



She lost herself in the movie again and I just sat by her side, unable to move for fear of missing something huge that she needed to say. Eventually she spoke again.


“You know what I miss?” She pointed to the television and I saw a boy leaning against a car, red and shiny, his eyes crinkled up in a smile.


“Old movies?”


“No, smart-ass. Chivalry. True love. Your generation doesn’t know about The Grand Gesture. Showing how damn much you love someone in the most over the top, movie worthy way you could possibly imagine. The declaration of undying devotion.”


“Those still happen.”


She glared at the television, the scene on the screen reflecting in her glassy eyes. “Youtube proposals and flash mobs don’t count.” Leaning over, she placed her head on one of our couch pillows and I let go of the blanket as she wrapped herself tighter. “We need more grand gestures.”


Beatless Teaser #3 – Meet Mallory Durham




The Kick was packed on Friday night. The manager made sure to let us know it was the first time ever that the building had reached maximum capacity.

And that made me want to vomit.

“You’ll be fine,” Berkley reassured me as we waited for our cue to go on.

Sara pulled me in for a stiff hug and patted my cheek. “Don’t puke.”

I tried to calm myself with the breathing exercises that Tucker had taught me, but then I started to think about his hands on my belly and my stomach flipped again, though for a very different reason.

Berkley’s outfit felt foreign on my body and I tried not to feel like a fake – some girl in someone else’s clothes, hanging out with someone else’s friends. These were my friends. I belonged here just as much as anyone. They thought I had talent. They were willing to take a chance on me. I had to remember that.

Tucker slipped through the door, his eyes wide. He let out a low whistle. “This is huge.”

I put my hand to my mouth to swallow bile.

Concern washed over his face. “It’s not that huge.”

I nodded and crossed to the side of the room to face the wall and give myself a pep talk. He followed, his chest meeting my back timidly while he wrapped his arms around me. I held onto his wrists and breathed deeply.

“Breathe,” he reminded me and I rested my head against his shoulder inhaling deeply. “There you go. Better?”

I couldn’t find the words to tell him that he made it better. That he calmed my nerves. So I just nodded and waited for him to let me go.

“Is Sam coming?”

I shook my head no. “She said she wasn’t feeling well and didn’t know if she could handle, and I quote, ‘a bunch of hormonally deprived youths.’ “

“They’re not all deprived,” he chuckled and I elbowed him in the stomach, turning to give him a glare.

~ Beatless 2/24/2014

Beatless Teaser #2 – Meet Tucker Scott




I was stacking records in a crate by the far wall when I heard a shuffle behind me, and right before it crashed to the ground, Tucker’s arm shot up by my face and righted them on the shelf.

“That would have been a disaster,” he chided me, pushing by and making sure they were in place before stepping away.

“Thanks . . . What are you doing here?”

He shrugged and eyed the racks of clothes. “I don’t know. I got off early and figured maybe you needed a ride home.”

“My aunt has that covered.” It was true, even if I blushed when I said it.

He leaned against the wall and appraised me with a grin. “Yeah, I noticed she dropped you off that day.”

I huffed and nodded. “Well, I told her I could just take my mom’s car, but she’s insisting that I learn to drive a stick and won’t let me use it because I need to start driving my own. Plus she doesn’t have a job anymore so what else is she going to do if she doesn’t drive me everywhere?”

“That was a really complicated explanation.” He laughed. He smelled like grease and gum, a strange combination that made my stomach growl in defiance. His fingers tapped against his jeans pockets and he looked over my head at the speaker above the register. “Mrs. Moore has listened to this station the entire time I’ve known her.”

“Nostalgia,” I responded. “It’s a debilitating old person’s disease.”

Tucker’s eyebrows drew together and his eyes narrowed skeptically. “You don’t like it?”

“Not particularly. My parents didn’t exactly force me to relive their glory days through their favorite mix tapes.”

He looked appalled. “You definitely need to be schooled. You can’t appreciate music today without knowing what influenced it in the first place.”

I stepped away and shrugged my shoulders. “Oh yeah? Are you gonna be the one to teach me about it?” It was supposed to be a joke, but the look on his face was anything but.

“You name the time and place, Mal.”


“I’m serious.”

I slipped behind the register and pulled out the till reconciliation form, noting that it was five minutes before the store closed. “I have a lot on my plate. What with classes, and my parents, and the new job.”

Without missing a beat, he crossed the carpet to the door and leaned against it, opening it just the slightest bit. “The offer stands.”


“We could start at The Kick. Friday.”

“Um, I’m not going to a teen club, Tucker.”

“You’re missing out.”

“Doubt it.” I looked down at the paperwork, trying to fight against the heat that was creeping across my cheeks.

“Well, in case you want to come – we’ll be going on at eight. It’s usually a full house so you might want to show up early.”

“You’re in a band?” That made so much sense. I lifted my gaze in his direction and our eyes met for a second before he smiled like he had that day in the Waffle House parking lot. “I’ll keep that in mind.”

“You’ll show up,” he said with conviction. “What else do you have to do?”

After he left, it occurred to me that he was right. What else did I have to do?

~ Beatless

Available 2/24/2014

Beatless Teaser #1





The left side of his mouth lifted and he shook his head the tiniest bit before sliding his palms down my arms to my wrists until he had my hands in his. He shifted so that we were palm to palm and slowly lifted them to chest level, his eyes taking in how we fit together. How his fingertips sat at least an inch above my own. I stood still, held in place with rapt fascination. The heat from his touch was making my hands and arms tingle.


He stepped into me, pressing our palms between us, and then let my right hand go to place his hand on my waist. I melted into him, allowing my eyes to close as he swayed and I followed. His fingers moved along the top of my shorts and when he’d found where my shirt started, they slipped upwards, softly caressing the skin above the waistband. ~Beatless


Novel Excerpt – Beatless





Mallory Durham has been left behind and it is making her feel less like an adult and more like an afterthought. 

Divorce, sickness, educational aspirations being shattered, and her Aunt Sam moving into her home, have made Mal’s life nearly unrecognizable to her.

When Tucker Scott re-enters her life along with his band, will they offer what she needs to once again find her voice and self confidence or will it strip her of it even more?

Told through the dual voices of Mallory as she navigates her new world, and Aunt Sam’s letters to her niece, Beatless tells the story of two women at very different points in their life, fighting the same battles; proving that no matter what age a person is, there are always lessons to be learned.




I looked out the window into the night and closed my eyes tightly. “Can we go somewhere? Anywhere but home. I don’t want to be there right now.”

“Of course.” He started the car, taking a right instead of a left and aiming the car towards an unknown destination. I took my own liberties in his vehicle (he’d given me free reign) and started the radio, then rested my head against the cold window.

After a bit he pulled off of the road onto some gravel, his headlights bouncing across dirt as it rose before the hood. Trees surrounded us and I waited, holding my breath until we’d cleared them and he parked the car by an old dilapidated fence. I couldn’t see any houses for miles, but the sky above was wide open – a black canopy of twinkling stars and what I imagined forever to look like.

“Talk.” He faced me head on and I pushed my hands between my thighs, thinking.

“My mom met someone in Texas. If it’s serious then everything changes. And the group is done. Berk’s leaving. We’re almost halfway through the year and that means in just a few months everything is going to be different…”

There was a frown on his face as he listened. “Don’t cry.”

I didn’t even realize I was until he said it. Wiping my face furiously, I tried to twist away but he slid a finger beneath my chin and turned it back towards him. “I thought I wanted one thing and now I want another and I’m just so tired of being so unsure of everything.”

“Are you unsure of this?” He pointed between us, his face lit by the dashboard, increasing the shadows under his eyes.

“It’s probably the one thing I’m not.” I laughed sadly and tried to wipe around my eyes for the residual mascara I could feel collecting there. Fidgeting in my seat, I sat on my hands and sniffled, hating that I sounded so worked up. “Distract me.”

“Distract you with what?”

“With whatever. You’re good at it. Let’s… I don’t know … teach me something. Something we haven’t talked about before.”

Tucker’s fingers drummed along the steering wheel, and then he reached over with his right hand and started to search through the radio stations until he found what he wanted. He turned the volume up to an almost illegal decibel. “Lean your seat back,” he called over the noise, and I did. He mimicked my position and angled his body, knees pointed at mine. “Close your eyes and listen. Describe the bass for me.”

My lids drifted closed and I honed in on the sound as it filled the car. How the bass line thumped through the seat and reverberated through my bones. The shaking beneath my ass and at my sides. The pulsing beat cleared my head and I melted into the old cracked seat, my hands resting above my shoulders and fingers curled around the headrest.

“It’s low. Deep. Right there.” Moving my hand to my chest, I kept going. “It rumbles through here.” My fingers slipped lower over my belly and farther until I was gripping my knee, pulling at the soft knit of the grey thigh high leg warmers I’d borrowed. My skirt rode up above them, the black cotton shifting higher as I squirmed. The sound was doing something to me and the only thing I could equate it to was the deep throbbing I had when Tucker and I spent time in my bed.

My whole body flinched when his hand reached over and scooted mine away from my legs. Much stronger than he’d ever touched me before; he gripped my left thigh and slid it toward him. His palm crept higher and I kept my eyes closed, losing myself to the feeling. When his fingertips brushed soft cotton, I turned my hazy gaze to him. “What are you doing?”

“Distracting you.”