A Lyrical Interview with Amy Noelle

Thanks so much for stopping by and agreeing to give me some answers via song lyrics. Let’s get started, shall we?

Tell us about what you are working on.  What is the basic concept?  What was your inspiration for your characters?  Someone you know?  Someone you wish you knew?  When is it expected?

My latest book is called The Hot Corner and it was released in late June so it’s available now at all major online book sites, including TWCS.  It’s about a female sports biographer, Dani Young, whose publisher wants her to write a book on the hottest (physically and athletically) baseball player, Bradley Reynolds.  She and Brad dated in college and it ended abruptly and badly, with unanswered questions on both sides.  She has to decide whether to keep running as she did seven years ago or suck it up and face the past.

My inspiration for Brad was all the hot athletes that I got to see at FSU every day.  Sadly, I didn’t hook up with any of them, but I knew a few anyway.  And modern day Brad is kind of similar to Derek Jeter in his heyday.  Dating actresses and models and being swooned over by women far and wide.

Dani, as most female characters I write, has bits of me in her, but she’s also an amalgam of a lot of friends.  She’s smart and beautiful and everything Brad could want and when they were together, seemed secure in that relationship but deep down inside had those doubts that I think most of us have when we’re with someone.  Especially someone who’s a superstar with women after him everywhere he goes.

Who was most influential in your writing career?

I had many great English teachers growing up but the one I had senior year of high school, Dr. Hudgens, was probably the most influential.  She really let us test our creativity and pushed us to be better.  I’ll never forget the day she called me at home to tell me I’d gotten an A on my final paper for symbolism in The Heart of Darkness.  I loathed that book, really and truly, but I worked hard on it and somehow managed to get past the hate to write a decent paper.  It’s been a long time since I was in high school English but I think the lessons she taught and the freedom she gave me to explore my creativity has stuck with me all these years.

If you could have a night out with one of your characters, which one would you choose and why?

It would actually be Brad’s best friend and sometimes sex buddy, Pamela Baxter.  When I started to write her, I knew Dani would want to hate her and so would most of my readers.  I wanted to hate her.  She’s a sexy, talented actress and she’s warmed Brad’s bed more than time or two.  But she started speaking and she was just impossible to hate.  She’s blunt, hilarious, caring and really loves the idea of love.  She knows that Brad and Dani belong together and instead of getting in the way of that, she supports them and gets to know and love Dani.  She’s an absolute blast to hang out with, as you’ll see in the book.  Hands down the best to party and get in trouble with!

What is your favorite line from your WIP? (or book you’ve just put out)

I give you the whole paragraph for some context, but the line I love the most is bolded.


I didn’t need to ask what he meant because I felt the same way. We fit,

perfectly. It had never been like this with Jason or anyone but the man who

was with me now. I should hate him for that. But he began to move and all I

could do was feel as his lips touched mine and our bodies moved together.

Our rhythm matched, like we’d done this a thousand times since the last

time, instead of all those empty years in between.

What is the strangest or most embarrassing thing you have ever typed into your Google search bar?

Women famous for their asses.  Haha yup, I got a top ten list.

When you write, what are the ‘must do’ ‘must have’ and weird tics you find yourself doing time and time again.

I always have the TV on, low, but enough for noise so that I will hear that and not concentrate on any strange noises in the house instead of writing.  I always put my laptop on a pillow on top of my legs, prop two pillows behind my back, and have a tall glass of water at my side.

Do you flip back and forth between social media and your manuscript too much, like I do?

I may hop to Twitter now and then if I’m wanting to tease something or if I really don’t feel like writing in the moment.  Facebook as well. I’ve managed to keep myself away from places like Instragram and Pintrest, I have enough time sucks without adding to the temptation!

How many times a day do you say the following?

What I wrote was just awesome.

Daily.  I make myself laugh a disturbing amount.  If anyone happened to see me writing they’d think something was wrong with me.

Wait, it actually sucks.

Haha now and then.  I don’t second guess myself too often once I get going.  I might decide it sucks days and weeks later when I look at it again though!

Why am I doing this?

Only when things aren’t flowing right.  I wonder why I’m torturing myself, because as far as I know, I may be the only one who reads what I write.  I could be napping!

I should quit.

Rarely.  At least a permanent quit.  I might tell myself I need to quit for the moment, step away and get perspective, but I don’t like to leave things undone.  I don’t know if I’ve ever completely scrapped something I’ve had planned.  I don’t think so.

…No, wait. That paragraph was amazing.

Confidence to doubt back to confidence?  Occasionally, though I find if I do second guess myself, I usually need to make a change.

I should have someone else read it just to be sure.

Every time I finish a chapter!  I may like it, but I definitely want to know my pre-reader, Angie, likes it as well and that she feels like I’m on track.

Lastly, we all have things we do outside of writing. What is one thing that you do as a pastime or passion that no one is privy to?

Even though I live in Florida and it’s hot, I take at least one steaming hot bath a day.  Sometimes 2-3.  I love to get in the water, lie back against the tile, and read on my phone or kindle or a regular book.  I’ll spend a good half hour in the tub, with my kitties popping up to visit for a few, and just lock away the world.

Please respond only using song lyrics:


“Oh, you wrote a book? Huh. I should write a book. That sounds easy enough.”

So how the hell could you front on me?
There’s a thousand you’s, there’s only one of me 

Kanye West-Stronger

Which may or may not be followed by


“I always wanted to write a memoir. Want to write it? You should write it. I’m interesting and hilarious.”
You’re so vain, you probably think this song is about you
You’re so vain, I’ll bet you think this song is about you
Don’t you? Don’t You?

Carly Simon-You’re So Vain

Or, depending on the person:

Let’s give ‘em somethin’ to talk about babe,
A little mystery to figure out.
Let’s give ‘em somethin’ to talk about, 

Bonnie Raitt-Somethin To Talk About

“Oh, I’ve never actually read one of your books.  I only read real literature.”
So when we found that we could not make sense
Well you said that we would still be friends
But I’ll admit that I was glad that it was over

Now you’re just somebody that I used to know
Now you’re just somebody that I used to know

Somebody That I Used to Know-Gotye

“I read a book like yours one time. Have you read this book that’s exactly like yours? It’s really good.”

Hold my hand while you cut me down
It had only just begun but now it’s over now
And you’re in the heat of moments with your heart playing up cold
I’m between the middle watching hastiness unfold

I’m tired of trying
Your teasing ain’t enough
Fed up of biding your time
When I don’t get nothing back
And for what, and for what, and for what
When I don’t get nothing back
Boy I’m tired 

Tired by Adele

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